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What role does technology play in your life? If you are like most people in the 21st century, it probably plays a rather large role. Through the years, we have used technology to cross boundaries and boarders like we have never been able to do before. Technology has changed the way we do business, the way we buy, sell, trade, conference, hold meetings and a multitude of other tasks. It has changed the way we organize our personal lives and it has changed the way we entertain ourselves. Technology has literally entered into almost every aspect of our daily lives and many of us would be lost without these valuable devices. We require a lot from our devices, and we expect them to work and function as they were designed to do.

So what happens when they don’t? What happens when you drop your phone, cracking the screen? Or you take your clothes out of the wash to find your phone soaked? What happens when for some unknown reason your phone or device just stops working? In most cases, the convenience of your life is affected because of the role these devices play for us. At this point, you have two choices; you can go out and replace your device or you can have it repaired.

Unfortunately, with these advancements in functionality, the cost of these smart devices is rather high. This makes it difficult to just go out and replace your device, especially in today’s economy. This leaves you with the option to repair; sadly, most repair companies only offer you a mail-in option which requires you to wait up to two weeks to get your device back in your life. At CPR®, we feel this is not a practical solution as hardly anyone can go two weeks without their phone or device.

For this reason, CPR® has come up with a better solution, same day, in store repair for any number of small electronic devices. Our services are not only quick, but affordable. We know your time is valuable, as well as your money; that is why we do our best to keep our prices low and our repairs fast. We are proud to offer over 90 different convenient locations for your repair. At CPR®, we can fully restore any damage done to your device so long as it is salvageable. Whether you have cracked the screen on your phone, your phone won’t charge, or you have a phone with water damage, you can bring it to us with the confidence that we can repair it. Listed below are some of our most common types of repairs that we do here in our store, this is not a complete list, just to give you an idea.

• HTC and iPhone repair
• iPod repair, iPad repair and any other brand of MP3 player repair
• Video Game repair, including Xbox repair, Will repair and PlayStation repair
• Laptop repair
• GPS unit repair

At CPR® we pride ourselves on having a strong staff that knows the importance of today’s current technology in your daily life. We understand that being without your device is simply not an option for most people and we have continued to give fast, quality repairs again and again to gain the reputation we have. Today we are North America’s largest independent, walk-in, cell phone repair provider.

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We specialize in repairs to smart phones, iPods, gaming systems, computers, GPS units, and much more.

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CPR® is Green

Cell Phone Repair is committed to recycling used cell phones and other electronics.

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Join the most widely known and respected brand name in the Cell Phone Repair industry.

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